10 Perfect Zombie Proof Homes That Will Get You Through A Zombie Apocalypse

13 July 2017

So, if you haven’t heard, some guy ate another guy’s face off and we’re on the verge of a zombie apocalypse. Here are some examples of zombie proof homes from around the world to guarantee survival in zombie apocalypse.

Not only is this strategically elevated, but you can grow your food right outside of the windows!

Having a floating house on the water is probably the best anti-zombie attack option ever.

Zombies? Heck. It would take Godzilla to get in there!

Corrupt government takeover? Check. Zombie apocalypse? Check. Tsunamis? Uh oh…

This property has 6 areas each with private shower and gallery. It is a perfect diving and fishing spot where an abundant aquamarine life thrives 30 feet below. Do fishes get zombified too? I hope not.For their sake.

You have to love a hidden bunker, many stories deep into the ground, yet has a bright yellow “easy retreat” hatch out in the open.

This might be a place for escaping a deadly virus. This also could be the hidden science facility the virus was born in…

Who wouldn’t wait out the apocalypse in a luxury boat house?

This may be good for surviving a flood, or convincing invading aliens that your house is one of their ships in wood panel disguise. Anything else and I think I would have taken the bunker with the bright yellow hatch.

Here we have two levels of defensive positioning, camouflage for high flying threats, and a fun ramp to pull a “Dukes of Hazzard” get away!

Images source: 24viralphotos.com

10 Perfect Zombie Proof Homes That Will Get You Through A Zombie Apocalypse
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