The Rock’s Daughter from The Game Plan is Now All Grown Up!

12 July 2017

Maddison Pettis played Peyton Kelly who was The Rock’s long-lost daughter in the movie The Game Plan. The Rock played a football star named Joe Kingman. It’s been ten years since the film released now, and it’s time we took a stroll in the times gone by. We’ve all seen how the Rock has turned out. He is much more muscular and a lot less hair. However, what did Maddison Pettis prove to be?

She’s become an absolute bombshell that’s what! She looks great, she has continued her acting, and she has also gotten into dating! Oh, how time flies.

She Began Her Career at a Very Young Age

Maddison began her rise to stardom at the age of five when she started commercial modeling. Her first breakout role was in the movie The Game Plan. How cool would it be if you were cast in your first major movie! And it would be even cooler if you were cast with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson! And how mind-blowingly awesome would it be to be cast as his long-lost daughter!?

She and ‘the Rock’ Were the Perfect Father-Daughter Duo!

Although the film itself wasn’t critically acclaimed, her performance was praised by reviewers, which got her more major movie offers after that.

Well Now She’s All Grown up and Has a Modeling Career!

Apart from movies, she did modeling as well from a young age. Promoting products like ‘Love Pastry.’ She has appeared in commercials and fashion shows

She Has Become a Successful Voice Actress

If you don’t think that looks are everything, then she can still impress you because she’s also a voice actor!

She loves Disney

Being in a Disney movie positively influenced her here plus the fact that she probably gets lots of discounts! She’s from Arlington, Texas but she’s got a different DNA. Madison is African-American but has roots in Ireland, Italy, and France.

She Owes It All to Her Mom

We’re not saying that Madison hasn’t worked hard to get where she is, but she got the chance to be there all because of her mom who entered her into the annual cover search held by FortWorthChild.

She’s Starred in 12 Different Movies

She’s also been offered to host Disney TV shows targeting a younger audience such as ‘Special Agent Oso.’ She even appeared in Hannah Montana! Eventually, she outgrew her child star roots and starred in her second major film ‘Free Style.’

The Lion Guard

Madison has done some voice acting in Disney movies and TV series like ‘The Lion Guard.’

By the Age of 17, She Wasn’t in Any Relationships

She was more dedicated to her work than love it seems.

Madison has started seeing Michael Porter Jr

When Porter moved from Washington back to Missouri, he met Madison, and the two have hit it off ever since. Would he be able to impress her movie-dad The Rock?

There was a ‘family reunion’ with The Rock

She and the Rock met each other once more on November 14th, 2016 at the premiere of Moana.

Her Boyfriend Michael Has a Big Career Ahead of Him

Porter is 14 months away from getting drafted in the NBA. Will he have enough time for our girl? With 3 millions followers on Instagram she won’t be lonely without him

Why Does Madison Seem Beautiful in a Different Way?

Madison’s exotic look is thanks to her biracial parents. Her mom is white while her dad is black. She seems to have gotten the best of both worlds from them!

She Can Switch Between Her Careers with Ease

Whether she’s acting, modeling, singing, or voice acting she can do it all with ease.

One of the Reasons She’s So Loveable Is That She Doesn’t Let Fame Get to Her

She’s kept in touch with all her friends and family and has a healthy relationship with her fans.

She Has Steered Clear of Controversy

Many child actors seem to sort of derail and become involved in some controversy before they can be successful. Madison has done well to avoid any of that.

Rarely Do Two Film Actors Bond So Well After So Many Years

Madison posted this picture with the Rock and wrote: “So happy to see @therock at the Moana premiere last night, been too long. WAY TOO LONG!”

Truth Is, She Has a Lot of Exes

She’s dated the likes of Bryce Cass, Jaden Smith, and Gareth Backstrom before she took a break for herself. Now she’s with Michael Porter Jr.

She May Have Grown up but She’s Still Quite Young

She recently turned 18 and had graduated from high school. Don’t you just love it when two young people are so in love? We hope these two can be a power couple for years to come!

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The Rock’s Daughter from The Game Plan is Now All Grown Up!
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