Facts That Seem False But Are Actually True

13 July 2017

Some of facts of history, science, geography, and math are so crazy that they sound bogus — but they’re actually completely true. Below are some of our (verified) favorites, complete with explanations and source materials.

Oxford University is at least 400 years older than the Aztec Empire. (No one knows when Oxford was founded, but there are records that go back to 1096.)

When we promise something, we make a “pinky promise.” This means the one who breaks the vow must cut off their little finger.

On Saturn and Jupiter, it literally rains diamonds. We know where our next vacation is

All the ants on Earth weigh about the same as all the people.

There are more plastic flamingos in the US than real ones.

Strawberries – those sweet, bright-red summer fruits you love so much — are not actually berries.

But according to the technical definition of a berry — fleshy fruits, produced from one flower with one ovary, containing seeds on the inside — they are. Like bananas for example.

This creature is called a sea unicorn. They’re so rare that they’ve only been seen a few times. A pyrosome looks like a giant transparent and hollow worm, but it actually consists of thousands of organisms that glow in the dark and replicate themselves.

Mithridates VI of Pontus had been taking small doses of various poisons since childhood to work up an immunity to them. During the riot, the Romans wanted to take him hostage, and Mithridates tried to poison himself but couldn’t because of his training.

If there was a complete darkness, we would be able to stay up for 36 hours and would need 12 hours to get rested.

Our foot is as long as our forearm; our thumb is as long as our nose; our lips are as long as our index fingers. Check it yourself.

Not much people know that the space suit of the first man on the Moon was made at a factory which produced bras and lingerie

As part of the Manhattan Project in 1943, three atomic bombs were made : plutonium-based Gadget (exploded during the first nuclear test), the uranium-based Little Boy (dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945), and the plutonium-based Fat Man (dropped on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945).

American Ann Elizabeth Hodges was the first ever woman on Earth to survive an impact of an extraterrestrial object (November 30, 1954, near Sylacauga, AL).

Human fingerprints are indistinguishable from Koala fingerprints. How many crimes have Koalas gotten away with?

Images source: brightside.me

Facts That Seem False But Are Actually True
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