10 Shocking Examples Of Things Being Worn Down By Time

15 July 2017

The time is the most powerful thing on this world. It cures diseases, helps earth to heal after wars and is the only resource that is out of the human grasp. We are controlling almost everything on this world but time is not among those things.

It’s easy to see the effects of time on people, but we forget just how profound the effect can be on things we use every day. Fortunately, this gallery reminds us just what a powerful force it can be.

2 teddies of same age, one was used and other was unpacked until this moment.

Washing building on Manhattan after some period of time. This is clear proof what pollution does to stuff, now imagine our lungs.

Lamp post with posters over the years.

Aging process of coins.

This monk prayed in the same place for 20 years. The floor now serves as a powerful reminder of his devotion and service for decades.

Truck driver and sun effect on half of his face.

Marble floor in an old bank.

Some ancient dog tag.

Grandfather’s silver dollar.

Car stereo with his on/off aged button.

Old marble stairs.

Sun effects over time.

This bell hit the door so many times that this happened.

Front of a cash register.

Rug was here once.

Images source: twentytwowords.com

10 Shocking Examples Of Things Being Worn Down By Time
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