10 Fascinating Photos To Get Your Day Going And Make You Feel Motivated

13 July 2017

It’s fascinating to see what things were like years upon years ago. You look at something from like, ten years ago, and then you look at the same thing today and you say “Whoa, is that the same thing?” And the same goes for when you look at concepts for stuff we’ll be doing in the future. So with that in mind, here are some fascinating photos that will definitely get your day going and raise your interest.

Fossilized Teeth of a T-Rex: Knives are sharp. Teeth are not sharp. House-cat teeth are sharp. Lion’s teeth aren’t. It’s fun and terrifying to think that those teeth aren’t slicing your flesh but bluntly puncturing it into pieces.

Makeshift home made by a homeless man under the overpass. The creativity and determination to realize his ‘home’ makes me teary-eyed and more inspired to do things right. What a touching initiative!

Can you guess what is this? Yea, you are right. It’s a bird’s eye view of Dubai.

The ultimate zombie apocalypse survival location at Aogashima. I want to go on this island!

Oasis in Libya. People would prefer to be stranded in a desert like this

A man rests in his cage home, which he rents for HK$1,800 ($230) per month in Hong Kong.

Italian MEP Licia Ronzulli is known for often bringing her daughter to work with her.

Here’s what a Caterpillar 797 mining truck looks like stood next to a Chevy Blazer. Imagine pulling up to a party in one of these things!

15 tons of illegally poached elephant tusks are set on fire by Kenyan authorities.

Taylor Swift from a few years ago. She doesn’t actually look all that different, but it’s interesting to look back.

Images source: providr.com

10 Fascinating Photos To Get Your Day Going And Make You Feel Motivated
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